About Us

Ballentine Media Inc.

We’re a small group of big-thinking individuals who specialize in digital communications. Most often, we help people by helping them define their brand (brand exploration and identity), create a visual identity (logos as such), and communicate it online (websites, social media sites, and all those other digital goodies).

We work with people who are really passionate about what they do, because that’s what we are: really passionate about what we do. We’ve had the pleasure of working with passionate people from all sorts of varied industries, including: health & wellness, tourism, clean energy, retail, home building, self-storage, resource services, health food, restaurants & hospitality, mobile consumer engagement applications, green SAAS, and even Canada’s music industry.

Although we’re a small team, our digital prowess has allowed us to work with clients of all sizes, from such beautiful places as Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Fort Smith NT, Fredericton NB, Portland OR, and New York.


Mitch Ballentine
Strategy, Content, and Relationships

Mitch started Ballentine Media in 2010 (before adding the “Inc” in 2012). He wears a few hats around here (literally and figuratively), primarily focusing on building relationships with clients. He is also the resident brand, digital, and social media strategist.

Art, Design, and Visuals

A free thinker, a traveller, and a dreamer. He’s an uncontrolled lover and epicurean, particularly when he has a good dessert to complement his coffee. Art direction, graphic design, yes he does enjoy those too.

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