5 quick and useful ways to improve engagement on your Facebook Page

5 quick and useful ways to improve engagement on your Facebook Page

Vancouver social media strategy, social media campaigns, social media trainingIncreasing engagement on brand Pages on Facebook is a challenge faced by many entrepreneurs and small businesses (including this author). Although there is no shortage of blog posts out there on ways to increase engagement, knowing where to start can often be a roadblock.

Rather than get overwhelmed by the endless stream of tips, here are 5 easy and useful ways to help you start driving engagement today (unless it’s after 3pm on a Friday), that have worked for me and my clients:

1. Don’t post after 3pm on a Friday. You can refer to Samantha Murphy’s article on why, but this one is fairly easy to figure out. From ducking out of the office early, to taking extended lunches, it is fair to say that most of use are looking to peel away from our computers and devices once Friday afternoon hits. Shall we wrap this up and have a patio beer? Yes, please.

2. In honour of our Canada Day long weekend, remember, not only are weekends not a particularly good time to post for maximum engagement (summertime especially when it’s nice outside), but long weekends are even worse. Camping, BBQs, and the like are all great reasons not to be consuming content online. Let’s wait to post our important content until everyone is back.

3. Cross-polinate across multiple channels. One voice is good, but more are better. If you are posting original content to Facebook, make sure to tweet it as well, and vice versa. Give your content as many opportunities as possible to be engaged with by your communities.

4. Don’t be afraid to solicit engagement! Asking questions is a great way to stimulate engagement, (as Jeff Bulas points out, question posts receive more than double the engagement of non-question posts).

5. Last on this list, but what should always be your starting point is, create great content. The focal point of anything you do within social media (or any type of marketing activity), is to put out quality content, that is relevant to your community. If it is irrelevant to your fans, why would they engage with it? Not only this, but really great content can sometimes trump other factors. Vary your types of posts; use photos, video, status updates, and links in order to mix up the content and keep your page fresh.

There are many other useful ways to improve engagement. What are some of the quick-wins that you’ve experienced with your Facebook campaigns?

Having provided services on a contract basis for young companies since 2009, Vancouver entrepreneur Mitchell Ballentine formalized these operations as Ballentine Media in 2011. Ballentine Media specializes in social media strategy for new and emerging businesses, and provides a number of services to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.

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